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What's Cookin'
Greetings, turdburglars.

Been a while since My last blog. This is partly due to the fact that I've been busy, partly for health reasons, and partly because there is nothing I love more than making you twerps squirm and beg whilst waiting for a new update.
First, let Me address the medical side. Well, okay, I ended up with a second degree sunburn. It literally laid Me up for a full week. I couldn't so much as move, let alone film or anything else. However, thanks to LOTS of vitamin E oil, aloe, and painkillers, I'm almost back to 100%.
As I mentioned earlier, I've been a busy girl. My fiance' and I took a trip to Kings Island to meet up with some friends and had a GREAT time. (See: sunburn) I hope to have some photos up soon, so you asswads can lurk and feel like you're actually invited to enjoy parts of My life...AS IF.
The wedding planning is coming along quite nicely. We have lots of things we need for the tables, centerpieces, etc. already purchased. But of course, we're nowhere near done yet! The next step will be a tux for My man, and our wedding rings. If you want to be one of the cuckie losers that helps to pay for these things, keep an eye out on ebanned as your opportunity will be coming soon.
A stroke of bad luck hit yesterday. The dreaded Windows 7 antivirus bug managed to infect our laptop. It's been hiding since we first fought it months ago, I'm pretty sure. Out of sheer frustration we restored the laptop to factory settings. Sadly, I lost a lot of clips, but I did manage to salvage some on My external hard drive. Photos, too. It's such a pain in the ass to start back at square one with bookmarks, remembering passwords, etc. But, for the most part, I think I have it all back to normal once more.
I've been on a slave escalator of sorts it seems. Last month alone, I had 3 contact Me, spend, spend, spend, and then disappear, only to find out I completely drained them of all funds. Listen boys, I don't mess around. If you come to Me wanting to be drained, that is EXACTLY what I will do to you. I don't care about your bills, your luxury. As far as I'm concerned you deserve NO luxury of any kind to begin with. That's what I'm here for.
I have another loser who has been knocking out My wishlist items like it's his job. And well, it IS his job. Every night after his horrible day at work, he comes to Me on Yahoo and I degrade him while making him spend a small fortune on Me. Blackmail may be next. ;)
I managed to make it to stellarstudio status on Kinkbomb! This means I get increased promotion, AND more payout on every clip/tribute sold. So I prefer that you now purchase My clips either from KB or the up and coming I want to keep My top spots on both sites, and your continued patronage will see that it happens.
Check all My sites for updates over the next few days. Big things are coming. Summer is right around the corner, and I intend for June to be one of My most successful months yet. Don't be afraid, boys. I know it's scary, the idea of giving all your power over to a beautiful, sexy woman. But believe Me, you will have a sense of satisfaction unlike anything you've ever known before. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of handing Me your cash, your dignity, your whole fucking life.


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