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So I've Caved
As you can see, I've finally caved and given in to the LJ world. However, for all My past entries, you can check them out on My front page at or by locating My profile at  I'll be leaving them up for a while in case you new losers want to go read up.
As you learned from My last entry, I'll be getting married this October. I feared I might lose a few of My minions, but in all actuality, I've done nothing but gain new followers. So many of you losers love the idea of not only serving Me, but My man as well. And who am I to deny you the right to bow before a man more powerful than you could ever dream of being....
Planning for the wedding is going absolutely fantastically. We'll be getting married October 29th, and seeing as how we both love Halloween, we will be doing a Halloween theme for the wedding and reception. I've already selected My dress, and since I have a longstanding love with Ariel of "The Little Mermaid", I've selected a dress that I feel is inspired by her beauty. I, of course, will not be footing the bill, and My ebanned cucks have already paid for over half of it. Lucky bastards. If you have yet to tribute towards the most important dress I'll ever wear, get your ass over to ebanned immediately. Each bidder receives a picture of Me in the gown, not that it's really deserved.
Many of you may not know, but I have many boys who started following Me based on My tongue. It has a seductive power all its own, and I'm pleased to announce that within the next week or so, I will be opening a whole new clips site on clips4sale based solely on the dominate power of My tongue. Stay tuned.
I recently did a small photo shoot with My girls over at Dirt Candy Photography. They are an up and coming photography studio, not solely based on your standard posed portrait shots. While their portraits are absolutely beautiful,  (as you can see in My profile photo) they truly excel in shoots themed with horror and gore. To see some of their shots, you can follow them on Twitter. They are two marvelous girls with exceptional creativity and talent!
Now for the final update: I tried to list this on ebanned, but once again the "ebanned police" stopped My auction due to restricted activity. I'd like to point out, I can go on there right now and point out at least 5 auctions that don't adhere to their rules, but yet Mine always get removed. UNFAIR.
Anyway, I'm doing a special raffle for My foot and shoe losers. Here's how it works:
For each $5 tribute sent via Amazon gc to, you will earn one entry into the raffle. What is up for grabs, exactly? Allow Me to show you. 

These, foot freaks, are My 2 year old clogs. I've worn these for the last 2 winters, and often around the house, or into other seasons. They're My easy, comfy pair that I absolutely adore. However, they're seriously gross at this point. As you can see from the photos, the inside has been worn down with imprints of My sweaty size 6's.
At the end of May, I will place all the entries into a drawing, and the winner will receive these nasty, stinky clogs in their mailbox. I'll even pay for shipping, lucky twerps. Just think, you could be only $5 away from owning the nasty ass shoes of your dreams. However, if you spend $20, I'll give you a bonus entry, for a total of 5.

That's all for now. As always, I can be reached at, but I encourage you to NOT waste My time.
Fuck off.

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