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Slice of Life
Greetings, minions.
I realize it's been over a month since My last entry. I really need to get better about that! I realize it aches when you don't have frequent updates from Me.
So where to begin? A bit of sad news, first. My cat passed away mid June. It hit Me really hard, as I'd had her for 14 years. Her sister from the same litter is still with Me, but I can tell it's really hard for her being all alone after having a partner in crime for so long. However, I am dealing with it day by day.
In better news, wedding planning is going swimmingly! My man has picked out his tux, but it has yet to be ordered. However, thanks to My good cuckie boys, it is rapidly being paid for along with the other things he needs for the big day. And any of you boys wanting to purchase anything else for the wedding, check out My Amazon wish list for wedding items. I want that list to be completely purchased by the end of August.
Speaking of My wish list....I've added a new one for My man. I've had more than one subbie asking to serve him, so I decided to give him his own list to make it easier on everyone. And of course, My spoil list is updated daily.
In slave news, one of My best boys is "Max." We shop several times a week on My Amazon list, and he is knocking out items left and right like it's his job. (Well, it kind of IS his job.) He is going to be serving My man soon as well.
I have one subbie who made the mistake of adding Me on Yahoo without first, purchasing the ID from Niteflirt. Just for entertainment, I let him ramble on about wanting to be blackmailed, and send Me photos. He was stupid enough to send full frontal shots, along with his photo ID which I will be posting on the "Losers" section on My site very shortly.
Another newbie is My shit eater, Jason. I'm currently exploiting him on an ebanned auction. The dummy loves to be exposed so much, once this one ends he will be bidding to have more and more of his info and compromising photos exposed to the entire world wide web. And, if he's lucky, I'll even put him on My site. Moron.
Clips are doing well. For anyone asking, I do prefer you purchase them from Kinkbomb over c4s, just because I want to be at the top of Kinkbomb! I get more percentage there, and this month they're giving away free merch for good sales, and I definitely want to win. If you have a clip request, you may email it, but I DO NOT DO NUDE. Asking that is not only a showcase in stupidity, but an assumed wish to be humiliated all over the internet world.
We are planning a mini vacation during the last week of July. It's hot, and we're ready to hit a waterpark! Of course, you may email if you'd like to pay for our trip. Pay for it all, and I may even send you some photos of us having fun on your dime.
I'm looking into doing some R/T sessions. This is a fairly rare opportunity, and depending on how it goes, I may or may not continue. You may email for pricing. I'm considering offering shopping sessions, public humiliation sessions, ballbusting, cbt, trampling, foot worship, water play, and possibly more. Of course, like everything else worth having, it won't come cheap.
I'm off to film and do some more planning for our events over the next few months. I will be updating again soon, and I hope to have My site ( ) updated with some new features by the end of the week as well.
Until next time, keep spending and prove to Me that you want to be a good boy.


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